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Marlboro RZ500

Owner: Sig Emerson, Brendham, Texas

Following are details of my project RZ500. I always dreamed about the Yamaha GP-replica two-strokes in the '80s while riding the Angeles Crest Hwy outside L.A. and never thought you could come so close. Today, at age 45, I'm taken back to the good old days. Long live the two-stroke GP-replica for its amazing power and unquestionable beauty. I currently have a second one in the works that I'm collecting parts for. I'm also thinking about running this at Bonneville with different gearing just for the fun of it!

Special thanks go to Wyn Belorusky, whose bike I first saw on the RZ/RD 500 Owners Group web site and freaked out over it. I must have bugged the crap out of him, calling so much for information. Also, thanks to my in-house machinist, Kevin Goddard, who was fast to help with the steering stem conversion. Shawn McKnight at did the graphix.

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  • R1 front end with modified RZ500 steering stem
  • Modified upper triple clamp
  • R1 brakes (front and rear)
  • R1 17-inch, 3.5 front rim with Dunlop D208 120/70x17 tire
  • R1 6-inch rear rim with Dunlop D208 180/55x17 tire
  • JMC swingarm
  • Custom bracket made to hold R1 rear caliper
  • Custom sprockets by Sprocket Specialists
  • DID 520 chain conversion

  • 1985 RZ 500 with 1GE ignition box
  • Custom made oil tank
  • Jolly Moto GP style exhaust
  • Have plans of adding Mikuni TM28 flatslide carbs with K&N filters

  • Yamaha YZR 1991 front fairing by Wyn Belorusky
  • 1990 tailsection by Airtech
  • All fitting, frame mods, painting, motor prep and tuning by owner
  • Custom taillights by owner
  • Rearset footpeg brackets by Wyn Belorusky with R1 controls and footpegs

Have any questions on the production of this bike?
E-mail Sig here.

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